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i'm new! [13 Jul 2006|06:31pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hi, my name is kristin! [:
i've been a fiend for a really long time now. 

i'm hoping to find more misfits fans with similar interests by joining this community. ^-^
even though it seems like it's not active at all, ahahah.


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new [12 May 2006|05:23pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey, my name is Billy. I love the misfits!!!
my fav. songs are:

Lost In Space
We Bite
TV Casualty
Dust To Dust
Die Monster Die
(cover)Dream Lover

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[16 Oct 2005|08:04pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hi, I'm new. I got into Misfits about a year ago *looks away in shame* anyway, I've been getting into Misfits more and more. My favorite songs are:

The Forbidden Zone
Fiend Without A Face
No More Moments
Lost In Space

Anyone got any suggests on the best Misfits CD? I only have two right now which are "Cuts From The Crypt" and "Famous Monster"

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The Misfits Homepage [21 Aug 2005|03:31pm]

Hey everyone-

I'm running this new site called http://www.awesomestart.com Bascially it's a customizable homepage. It's got a google search, your favorite news links, a link to your email, and all that kind of stuff.

I'm making skins for all sorts of alternative bands. There's maybe 35 other bands on the site, and I'm doing more skins every day. If you go to the main page you can see which are the most popular right now. All the Saddle Creek bands seem to be up there right now, so we need to get more people adding the Misfits page as their homepage. That would be awesome if it was no. 1.

Anyways, the idea for these pages is you can just make one of them your homepage. That way you'll have all the links you need everytime you open up your browser. And the page will look cool because it has a band like The Misfits on it.

Rather than clicking on the picture above, though, I recommend you customize it
first by going here: http://www.awesomestart.com/preferences.php

Let me know what you guys think! There's more coming every day. Oh, and please help me spread the word! If people could repost this in different places and tell your friends and stuff, that would be really cool.

Thanks for your support you guys. You rock.
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New as Chucks [29 Jun 2005|01:02pm]

Just joined, not that there's been a whole lot of activity lately, it seems. Been a Misfits fan for the past 5 years, and I just keep loving them more and more as time goes on. My favorite songs are as follows:
"Saturday Night"
"Hybrid Moments"
"Teenagers From Mars"
"Great Balls of Fire"

Seen the latest incarnation (Jerry, Dez, and Marky) three times in as many years, and can't wait until the next time they're in Worcester, MA.
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Newbie [03 Jun 2005|11:50am]
[ mood | Fine thanks ]

Heya, I've just joined and thought I'd stop by.

I've liked the Misfits since last year when my sister showed me Scream. I kinda fell in love with the song and I went out and got Famous Monsters. I then went and got Project 1950, and the The Misfits Collection 2. After hearing the Collection, I realised what I really prefered their older stuff, but I also love the more recent tracks as well.

My favourite songs are:

- Diana
- Scream
- Forbidden Zone
- Children In Heat
- Last Caress
- Attitude
- Braineaters

I am still a new fan, and there are loads of songs I haven't heard, and stuff that I need to learn about the band. If you have any suggestions for songs to download, please tell me. As well as those three albums, I have downloaded Skulls, Dig Up Her Bones and London Dungeon, oh and Astro Zombie. So any other songs apart from those, please suggest them and I will see if I can get hold of them.

Cheers for reading!


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[08 May 2005|12:34pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

heya everyone, just joined and wanted to say hey.

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[23 Apr 2005|05:48am]

[ mood | busy ]

hello im new here and all that, and i just like to say that the misfits are a wonderful band one of my favorates, and another thing, alot people may disagree but i believe the misfits only got better after the split with glenn danzig, i believe michael graves was a much better front man and also better vocalist, and and was the perfect man to bring the misfits roaring back! i just wish graves was still in the band now that the misfits is only a trio there falling rapidly but the old stuff will live on...

my favorate misfits songs:
dig up her bones
saturday night
last caress
the forbidden zone
descending angel
dust to dust
pumpkin head

oh and by the way my name is jeremy you can all feel free to add me or hate me whichever you please, i also have aim you can find my SN in my user info...


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[31 Mar 2005|06:52pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Yeah so....I guess i just joined the misfits community. I pretty much feel amazing now. The misfits are my one and only. I will love them forever.I totally think that Static Age was an absolute genius CD. And I love American Psycho too. I'd have to say that my favorite songs are Helena 2 and dig up her bones. All though I also love the original version of Helena.....of course. Glenn Danzig is awesome...I must say! Oh well......what the hell.... I guess I love them all. That's all I have to say.

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[13 Feb 2005|09:39pm]

Does anybody know if u can still join the misfits fiend club
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[28 Dec 2004|08:47pm]

[ mood | blank ]

hey everyone. i just joined...obviously. im a total misfit freak. basically everything i own has to do with the misfits. im a huge doyle fan. i wish he was still in the band. but im excited for his new band thats coming out. i play guitar alot but im not in a band. i love going to shows and getting stoned lmao

Peace out fellow fiends

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hi everyone.... [29 Nov 2004|01:25am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

hey people, i joined live journal last night and i havent done much. i joined this community because i am i love the misfits..my name is alex. i had like...5 or 6 misfits CD's.. im letting peopel borrow them though because im getting the box set for christmas, im also gonna buy the misfits converse. everyone tell me about themselves, i get on daily usually..

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